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We are Business Bookkeepers for Small and Medium Businesses

Accounting and Bookkeeping
Services for Small and
Medium Businesses

Companies of all sizes yearn to have better financial clarity to help them make informed decisions. We provide professional and reliable bookkeeping and accounting services to small and medium business owners so they can make immediate and long-term decisions based on timely and accurate data. Through our experienced staff and proven processes, we aim to streamline bookkeeping and accounting workflows that are tailor-made for your company that adapt to your business needs. With the experience gained from small and mid-size CPA firms, we are committed to creating a long and lasting balance of accounts efficiently for the clients we serve via the integration of traditional or automated solutions at a reasonable price.

Clean and Balanced Books are the Foundation of Successful Businesses

Many businesses start with a great idea. To run and scale it, you need clean books. Performing accounting functions may mean hiring multiple staff at different levels to manage bookkeeping, payroll, and accounts receivable and payable tasks, investing in costly training, and managing it all together, which can take a big chunk out of your time and profits. With all the services that we provide, you can spend less time with tedious accounting and bookkeeping tasks while you concentrate on the most important thing, building and adding value to your business.

Our Services

We offer tailor-made bookkeeping and accounting services that adapt to your business needs. Choose a bundled solution or only the service you need.


Financial Statement

Bank/Credit card reconciliations

Accounts receivable/payable reports

Payroll, T4's, and withholding tax remittance

GST, PST, MRDT, and WCB remittance and filling

Year-end preparation for your accountants

Are you ready to stress less about your accounting?